Lindsay Lohan, ever reasonable, has turned down $200,000 to host a party in Dubai for Mr. Pink's Ginseng Energy Drink, even though she recently had to move back in with her trainwreck mother Dina and had to beg a friend to let her stay in his New York apartment rent free. Why? Because she wants $500,000 instead.

According to 'Lindsay wants $500k for an appearance in Dubai to promote Mr. Pink's Ginseng Energy Drink, which executives at the company are balking at. Mr. Pink is prepared to offer the actress $200k, and would pay for all of LiLo's travel expenses.However, the trip might not happen at all because of Lindsay's criminal past and current pending criminal charges. Dubai has very strict laws about convicted criminals entering the country, and Lindsay is still on probation for a necklace theft case. Lindsay is very upset about her financial woes and doesn't trust her new lawyer, Mark Heller, to handle the Dubai travel problem.'

Having also recently had to be given $100,000 by Charlie Sheen, of all people, to help pay off her hefty $233,904 tax bill, you would think that any opportunity for serious dough Lindsay would be jumping for, but even though she's struggling to support herself, she still apparently holds the same delusions of grandeur and status. So much so that when people found out she'd moved back in with her mother, she had to get down on her hands and knees to convince her pal to let her stay in his $6 million apartment in the Big Apple.

'It's only a matter of time though before Lindsay wears out her welcome, as inevitably always happens, because she is a total slob and smokes like a chimney. She is still trying to get her own place, but she's totally broke and has beyond horrible credit - right now, she probably couldn't even get a library card.', someone close to the situation recently commented. With friends like that, who needs enemies. What you do need Lindsay is some dollar, so maybe come back down to Earth for a bit. Dubai ain't so bad, and neither is 200k. Just don't go robbing any stuff while you're there.