How does one go about stealing an entire bridge? We'll never know, as the thieves who made off with the 22-ton 82-ft. long bridge in the Golcuk district of Turkey have gone and pulled a Houdini just like the bridge.

Locals in the small village awoke on March 11th to find the bridge that connects them to their orchards was missing, and alerted the police who think the crafty thieves dismantled the bridge, loaded it onto a truck and sold it as scrap metal to the value of around $12,000. Now the poor residents have to take off their shoes and socks and wade across the creek to get to work every morning. Harsh times.

The weirder thing though is how often bridge theft actually occurs. Last year thieves in the Czech Republic dismantled and stole a 10-ton pedestrian bridge, while a year before that two thieves pinched a 70-year-old bridge outside Pittsburgh armed with just a blowtorch, making off with around $5,000 worth of steel. Any idea how much the Ha'penny Bridge is worth? Just out of curiosity, nothing else we promise.