Poor Tulisa just can't catch a break.

In what reads like a scene from Fatal Attraction or The Bodyguard, the former X-Factor judge and N-Dubber and current sufferer of a drug scandal had a stalker banging on her door in the middle of the night demanding to see her after the hopped past security at her fancy mansion. Clearly she needs to think about upgrading her staff/security.

The nutter apparently started stuffing notes through her letterbox before ringing the doorbell repeatedly and screaming her name, demanding to see her. Tulisa's PA came to the rescue by answering the door in what The Mirror describe as 'a heated altercation', before the fan fled. Police later tracked him down and arrested him, releasing him with no further action and all parties involved are satisfied with this.'

A source close to the singer, we're guessing is the PA who did the altercating Gareth Varey, told The Mirror: 'He started knocking down her front door in the middle of the night and Tulisa was utterly petrified. This is the last thing she needs to be dealing with right now. She has had an absolutely hellish past few days - and now this. She is at an all-time low. Tulisa is a girl whose professional life is in tatters. This guy started hounding her daily since the drug fixing story broke.'