One bad year and you're cut eh? Simon Cowell runs a harsh, tight ship.

Tulisa is 'gutted' after being officially axed from 'The X Factor', The Sun is saying this morning, with The Female Boss allegedly 'embarrassed' after being cut and told her contract wasn't being renewed because of how badly The X Factor and her performance went down last year.

Despite having led girl band Little Mix to victory in her debut year on the judging panel in 2011, ITV and SyCo turned out to be pretty ruthless and are looking for ways to make the show more watchable after last year's series of low ratings and abominable contestants. 'To say Tulisa is gutted is an understatement. She's a bit embarrassed to be on the scrapheap when she delivered with Little Mix. She's thrown away one of the most high-profile jobs in the industry as well as one of the best paid. But she simply wasn't up to scratch last year and Simon Cowell had no real option.' says a source to The Sun.

Tulisa reportedly had dinner with the reality show's executive producer Richard Holloway last night shortly after being told she would not be returning for a third year, more than likely as a show of decency then any sort of bargaining process. A spokesman for the series claimed they were just 'reviewing the year'. As much of a jackpot as the role was, we can't exactly see her begging and crying to come back. Another pop starlet on The X Factor scrapheap courtesy of Simon Cowell.

Among the artists being considered to replace Tulisa reportedly are Robbie Williams and Mel B. And as much as we like Robbie as a person, we'd prefer Mel B. Her take no sh*t attitude is far more watchable.