Tulisa reportedly had a furious bust-up with a woman who tried to speak to her boyfriend Danny Simpson. The NOIVE!

The X Factor judge was leaving the Tup Tup Palace in Newcastle with Danny when Sarah Ashton called his name, which allegedly left Tulisa so incensed she launched a furious verbal tirade against the 25-year-old dental nurse and her friend Alex Rose.

Alex dutifully told the Sunday Mirror: "Tulisa seemed to have so much anger, I don't know what was wrong with her. It was very upsetting."

Sarah added: "All I did was say 'Danny' when he came out of Tup Tup with Tulisa. She turned around and started using gangster-type talk. Danny was behind her... when she got to the taxi she turned around and was still shouting abuse when it drove off. She looked really angry but all I'd done was say her boyfriend's name."

While Tulisa's spokesman acknowledges there was an incident, he played it down, explaining: "Tulisa and Danny were minding their own business and as they left the club, two girls started shouting abuse at her. She responded and there was an argument but Tulisa didn't threaten them much. A doorman from the club led her to the taxi."