We didn't think she was due back in court until the day after her birthday either... (she's been charged with allegedly supplying cocaine to an undercover newspaper reporter, a sting reportedly "engineered" by The Sun's Mazher Mahmood).

Regarding her last appearance in court back on January 9th, Tulisa's spokesperson released this statement: "Today Tulisa appeared at Southwark Crown Court in connection with a serious allegation that she has been concerned in the supply of drugs. Tulisa is not guilty of this, or any other offence, and is looking forward to giving her account to a jury. That trial will reveal the full extent of the role played by Mazher Mahmood."

But back to today's court appearance. The 25-year-old former X Factor judge/N-Dubs member has been accused of punching a blogger at the V Festival last year. She was initially interviewed by Essex Police in November.

Heatworld.com has quoted the blogger in question, Vas Morgan, who wrote the following back in August: "As I was leaving at about 12.30 am I noticed Tulisa charging toward me in a drunken and angry state, ‘Stop following me bruv, this is the end of your journey step back’. I calmly explained that we were both clearly walking to the same exit and that I wasn’t following her. She then began pushing me in aggression and shouting abusive comments and ludicrous accusations. Gareth then waded in, again trying to assault me. Tulisa then punched me in the eye and continued hurling abusive threats which included boasts of being from the streets, knowing gangsters and being worth 10 million pounds. Again the police were called and the incident was reported.”

Tulisa will appear in Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court in Essex later today, which will make a nice change from Southwark Crown Court.

Of this incident, her spokesperson released the following statement: "Tulisa strongly denies assaulting Mr Morgan - she specifically denies punching Mr Morgan."