According to The Independent, legions of Tubridy fans were left incensed after Waterford Whispers published an article entitled Ryan Tubridy Found Dead Inside.

To assure his audience that he was in fact alive and well, Tubs posted a chipper "Everything's A-OK, peeps!" thumbs up selfie on 2FM's Facebook Page yesterday. It came complete with the caption: “To quote Mark Twain - ‘Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’ He's alive and well and back on 2fm at 9am tomorrow morning."

Addressing the matter on said radio show this morning, he said: "I know some people took it seriously, but it’s satire, they were just having a joke... Sometimes it falls flat, sometimes it goes up like a balloon." Not sure which bracket this falls into, but given we're all talking about it, we'll hazard a guess and say it's the balloon variety.

Ryan added: “I’m not particularly concerned. I enjoy satire and I’m prone to taking the mick out of people myself."

The Waterford Whispers post, which included lines such as "Experts believe Mr. Tubridy died on air during a Cuba Gooding Jr. interview on The Late Late Show in 2011", has garnered close to 400 comments. They range from "Kinda Pole-Vaulted the line there" and "This is not in the least bit entertaining" to "This is made funnier by the amount of comments going 'Not funny, guys!!' I'm in stitches!"