From the offset, I would just like to clarify killing animals for their soft, soft fur is bad and that, in essence, what PETA strives to do is hugely commendable. So why don't they give their quest the dignity it clearly deserves and hire someone over the age of 12 to devise their campaigns? The organisation's latest gripe is against Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen or, as they call them, "The Trollsen Twins." Woah... did you see what they did there? That's some clever sh*t. Seemingly PETA is peeved they've "ignored pleas to stop wearing fur and using it in their fashion collection." The group is unveiling a campaign against the "fur fiends" - Mary-Kate ("Hairy Kate") and Ashley ("Trashley") - with a tag line: "Fur Is Worn by Beautiful Animals and Ugly People." The "Trollsen Twins" poster will be unveiled next to their Walk of Fame star in LA.  I could make some quip about child labour also being frowned upon but turpentine, never mind paint, is a b*tch to get out of the hair.