What a summer for music festivals on this tiny, little island of ours!

There’s no doubt that music fans like you brought an amazing atmosphere to this summer’s hottest music festivals such as Electric Picnic, All Together Now, and Body & Soul.

If you went to at least one of these festivals, you’ll share that beautiful sense of nostalgia with us.

We were spoiled for choice by world-class artists and its music fans like you that really bring the magic to the festivals.

Music festivals attract plenty of people who really do care about the environment, but we still have several people who forget to clean up after themselves.

Behaviours need to change, and the Gum Litter Taskforce have responded with this awesome trickshot video that reminds us that it’s important to clean as you party.

While the video is great craic to watch, it highlights the importance of looking after our beautiful country and that binning your litter can be fun too!

Check it out!