Before we get into this video, a word on the difference between catapults and trebuchets.

Sure, this video is titled by its creator 'We Used A Catapult For Reverse Trick-Or-Treating', but this is an erroneous statement of facts that is scandalous, quite frankly. Yes, a trebuchet is a type of catapult, but a mere catapult can't launch 90kg objects over 300 metres, making full use of gravitational forces to just fire anything at anyone.

With all that said, nobody can deny that it is a superior siege weapon to the catapult. That's not an opinion, by the way. That's just a universally-held fact. Anyway, this trebuchet was built by YouTube channel Live For Another and was deployed to the suburbs to fire candy at children in a socially-distant manner.

While it has the ability to crush castle walls and lay siege to any Crusader / Saracen stronghold with frightening velocity, this trebuchet is being used to crush children's resistance to sugar and lay siege to Halloween with frightening velocity.

Behold, the superior sweet engine.