Last time we heard about John Travolta's lawsuit woes, not only was it multiple massage therapists claiming sexual misconduct from the Scientologist/Pilot/sometime actor/singer of horrible Christmas songs, but he had authors suing him and Rashida Jones pretty much outing him. All in all not a very good 2012 for him, or his poor wife Kelly Preston for that matter.

Well now it looks like one of those massage case is making more headway than team Travolta would like, as a judge has thrown out a plea by his lawyers that former cruise liner employee Fabian Zanzi was bound to arbitration because Travolta's ticket for the Royal Caribbean cruise liner included an agreement to settle all disputes between a passenger and the company in arbitration. The judge claimed, per TMZ, that 'there's no evidence Zanzi is bound by the arbitration agreement'. What does this all mumbo jumbo mean? Travolta's only option now is to settle out of court, or else it all ends up in a big juicy, no holds barred public trial. Either way, Zanzi can expect a pretty big paycheck sometime soon.