Now, we all know that Tracy Morgan basically played a version of himself in Tina Fey's TV series '30 Rock', as the potty-mouthed and unpredictable Tracy Jordan. And sometimes we forget just how wonderful it is that the character and actor are one of the same.

Making us all remember how incredibly open the actor can be in real life, this recent Tracy Morgan interview has surfaced online where the actor reveals way, way too much about his sex life with his wife, actress and producer Megan Wollover.

We're guessing the anchor of NBC News, Hoda Kotb, really regretted asking Tracy what he's been getting up to recently while he stays at home in isolation. Trying to keep it together while Tracy lays all of his cards onto the table, the host swiftly moves along to a different topic after the outburst. And this is why live television interviews are always the best.

Here is the moment the Tracy Morgan interview went off the rails. Hold onto your hats people.