The following comes from RTE:

"The coroner said that Mr Ryan's heart was normal, but he said traces of cocaine were found in his system during toxicology tests carried out at Beaumont Hospital and at the State Laboratory. He said that alcohol levels in Mr Ryan's system were no where near the level that would cause complications. Mr Ryan, 53, was found dead at his apartment at Upper Leeson Street in Dublin on 30 April. Earlier, Gerry Ryan's partner denied that he used cocaine in the hours before his death. Melanie Verwoerd was speaking at the inquest for the RTÉ broadcaster at the Dublin City Coroner's Court. Asked by Coroner Brian Farrell if 'cocaine was ever an issue', Ms Verwoerd said 'absolutely not'. Ms Verwoerd said one of the ground rules of their relationship was that drugs were not acceptable. She said in the two years they were together nothing had been used. Ms Verwoerd said that the pressures of finalising his separation from his wife Morah, as well as enormous pressure from RTÉ and his work, had begun to take a toll on Mr Ryan... Mr Ryan's wife Morah and his son Rex also attended the inquest, along with colleagues from 2FM. Mr Ryan's GP, Dr Tony Crosby, said that Mr Ryan was suffering from 'severe stress and anxiety' as a result of a number of factors.He said he had seen Mr Ryan on 22 April, just a few days before Mr Ryan's death. Dr Crosby said he had prescribed some drugs to assist with his condition. He said Mr Ryan was normally very open and forthright about how he was feeling but made no complaint about chest pains."

Morah Ryan then issued this statemtent: "On behalf of our children (Lottie, Rex, Bonnie, Elliott, Babs) Gerard's brothers Mano & Michael and myself, I wish to say that we are glad that today is now over. For all those who loved Gerard, the past few months, as for anyone who has lost a loved one, have been very difficult. Our wish is that Gerard's memory will be left to our children now, as it should be, for a dad in a million who lived for them. He lived life to the full, it made him who he was. He loved us and we loved him. We are proud to be his family. In these difficult times for so many families in our country, we want to take this opportunity to say to anyone under stress, or with pressure or worries of any kind to reach out for personal support and professional help. Gerard was a communicator and yet he too struggled. If today is to mean something, it is to offer encouragement. If it is to have a message it is that there is always someone to share your problem with, someone to offer professional advice and someone to shine light into your life when you need it most. There is always someone to ask. That is the simple message Gerard would have dearly wished from today. I would like to thank the Coroner's Office for their professionalism and sensitivity. I would also like to thank the very many people for their messages of sympathy, prayers and support in the recent months. We are very grateful and take enormous comfort from the fact that Gerard was part of the daily lives of so many people and that, in his own inimitable way he entertained, listened, helped and gave a voice to so many people."

To quote a comment left by a viewer: "Terribly sad for his family, and listeners..."