When the Man Cave is in the gym and struggling, we often either turn on the music from ,em>Rocky, or think of what Rocky himself would do, and find the power to keep on going. 

That is why if we ever get the chance to make it to Philadelphia (we are willing to accept all free flights and accommodation on offer) we would definitely run up the steps à la the man himself, holding our arms aloft at the top. 

That's what a group of  friends (Peter Rowe, Jacob Kerstan and Andrew Wright) decided to do when they recently visited Philadelphia. Running up the steps at the Museum of Art, in the same manner that Stallone's character did in the movie, they were fairly surprised to arrive at the top and find none other than Rocky himself standing there. 

Stallone posed for a photo with the three friends taken by Rowe, who you can see on the right hand side of the image. Speaking to AP, he said that Stallone told them "Man, you guys are fast. You're making me look bad!", and he described the whole episode as "an unreal experience". 

Stallone is in Philadelphia shooting scenes for Creed, the next chapter in the Rocky franchise, starring Michael B. Jordan as Creed's grandson. 

Via Yahoo News. Pic via Peter Rowe/AP