Tough Mudder is just around the corner, and whether you've been training for weeks or you're hoping to get a last minute edge over the competition, we've got some tips to help you  out. 

We've teamed up with Under Armour and Metabolic Fitness to help you get in top shape for Tough Mudder, or simply take your usual workout to the next level.  We've already seen a few moves aimed at conquering specific obstacles like the Funky Monkey and Everest, and today it's the turn of Balls to The Wall that will help you pull and lift your bodyweight, but will also work on your core strength and fitness to get you over that finish line. 

One of our readers, Jonathan Codd, has been tackling the workouts with thanks to Under Armour and Metabolic Fitness and has been keeping us in the loop as to how he's getting on, so with the event coming up this weekend, he fills us in on what he's looking forward to...and what he's not!

Jonathan's Diary

Over the last few weeks I've been working hard to prepare myself for the impending gruesomeness that is Tough Mudder. I'm not going to lie, it's been challenging, but with the results I've seen in the past few weeks in terms of my fitness, it’s been totally worth it and I'm hoping that the hard work I've put in will stand to me when I take on the 12 mile torture challenge in Loughcrew Adventure Centre tomorrow.

I want to let you know how the preparations have been going for the 'Balls to Walls' challenge. This essentially, is a large wall that you have to climb over with a rope – an exercise I imagine a gymnast would breeze through but there’s just one thing, I'm not a gymnast! With that in mind, Dave recommended two exercises to help with this particular obstacle: mountain climbers and rope pull downs.

As I mentioned previously, upper body strength wouldn't exactly be my strong point, so the rope pull down has helped improve this. I've also been practising the mountain climbers in my garden every evening, and while initially this left me with a very sore core meaning that I wasn't able to laugh for a few days, I'm really feeling the benefits now and ready for war!!

All day today, I've been trying to visualise myself actually attacking the rope, but I've got a funny feeling it won't quite compare to the workouts I've been doing in the comfort of my own gym. That said, Dave is confident that I've put the hard work in on the gym floor and have been really trying my best, so he has reassured me that I will be fine. 

So, see you all at the finish line for some high fives!