Tough Mudder is one of the most demanding obstacle courses that you could tackle, and with an array of challenges that push you both mentally and physically, you have to make sure that you've put in the training beforehand. 

Thanks to Under Armour and the guys at Metabolic Fitness in Dublin, we've been able to team up with one the top personal trainers in Ireland in the form of Dave Peelo, who has some hints and tips on how to tackle the course, and the best way to prepare yourself in the gym for the obstacles you're going to face. In this video, Dave walks us through the best exercises to tackle the Funky Monkey, which are bar hangs and bicycle abs. These two moves will help you to work on your grip, as well as get some momentum going to carry you across the bars, but they're also great for improving your overall core strength. 

Of course, if you're not training for Tough Mudder, these exercises are still worth adding to your regular workout routine and they can help you to increase your fitness and your strength so that you're ready for anything, no matter what life throws at you. 

Our man Jonatahn Codd, who has taken up the challenge to tackle the obstacle course, has been hard at work with Dave and the crew at Metabolic Fitness on these exercises and the ones we've seen already, so here's how he's been getting on with the workouts so far.

Jonathan's diary

When I signed up for Tough Mudder I knew my upper body strength was one area I would need to improve. Over the past few weeks, I've been working hard to build on my upper body strength and prepare for obstacles like the Funky Monkey, which I knew would present a real challenge for me. Although I'm active and love sport, I'm quite a tall guy and weigh approximately 89 kilos, so lifting my own body weight was NOT an easy task!

Initially when I started out, I found it very difficult. Dave had suggested using the pull up bar in the gym and hanging there for 30 seconds, which would help me in lifting my own weight. Quite frankly, I was not able to do it! The first time I tried, I lasted 10 seconds (at a maximum) but over time and with a lot of work, I have built up my strength and I can now hang for 30 seconds with ease. I wouldn't be the best at alternating hands on the hang, but I have really improved and will continue to practise between now and Saturday to ensure I make it through the Funky Monkey!