I didn't think so. Nobody wants to see them. That would be like looking at topless photos of Bruce Willis but with added breasts and hair.

Four pictures, allegedly of Bruce and Demi Moore's 18-year-old daughter showing her topless and holding what appears to be a joint, are circulating according to RadarOnline.

The images are now being shopped around media outlets for purchase. Last year, the teenager was cited for underage drinking in the Hollywood area - in case you're interested.

Tallulah's two sisters have also known a spot of controversy in the past. Her 20-year-old sister Scout was arrested last month in New York for underage drinking and using a fake ID card. While in 1997, eldest sister Rumer, was one of four people in a hotel room in Aberdeen, Maryland in the United States when police officers came in and arrested one of the group for marijuana possession.

Rumer was questioned at the scene but was not arrested and was never charged in connection with the controversial incident.

Their Die Hard actor, Bruce - who recently welcomed daughter, Mabel, to the world with his wife Emma Heming - admitted his older children taught him to listen: "Sometimes I have to resist the urge to speak. I learned it from dealing with my kids. That's my number one rule. It applies in life. But it's more about being a father. I'd rather hear what they have to say. You learn more by listening... (It) is just a matter of not equating drama with actions that will help them. Teach them to shun drama."

They might need a few more lessons in that regard, Bruce.