Dustin's Turkey at the Eurovision in June.

I actually voted for Dustin in the qualifying stages in May, but that was before I'd heard the song, so I feel partially responsible... It seemed like a good idea at the time. We'd tried the whole diddle idle lark with Dervish the year before, and that didn't work, so why not send a turkey this time round?

It was announced in February that Dustin was to try his hand barking Irelande Douze Pointe. According to The Examiner: "Dustin The Turkey said he has decided to return to the recording studio in an effort to restore his nation's position as the High Kings Of Eurovision. He says it's a selfless act based on his desire to help his country as he believes there is a direct link between the recent downturn in the economy, his lack of musical output and our poor showing in the Eurovision over the last number of years." With the exception of Brian Kennedy's stirring performance in 2006, I hasten to add. Kennedy, with his flowing locks and ability to fall to his knees without wincing, garnered us a fair few votes that year. Good times.

I reckon we should make Linda Martin and Johnny Logan swap diets for a few months, wrestle them out of their respective apparel (Johnny, the white leather fringed jacket and the ponytail must go) and get their songwriters in cahoots. A collaboration of Ireland's finest, in conjunction with the new, less biased, voting system could see us at the top of our game again! *falls to knees*.