Sienna Miller Gettying Her Baps in July.

This is one of those stories which got an extraordinary amount of press. Firstly because Balthazar Getty didn't come across and admit he had already separated from his wife, which was strange. He's since admitted he should've supported "both women" more during that time... Sienna had the word 'Slut' scrawled across the wall of her home and accosted by paps on a daily basis, while Balthazar just got to wander around looking shifty.

The second reason this story got so much coverage is because the first pictures released of them together involved a balcony, a sailor's hat and Sienna's bared breasts. It also, weirdly, involved a middle aged woman. Seriously, there was a fully clothed middle aged woman naturally hanging around the balcony also. There were rumours that said woman was one of their mothers, but that remains unconfirmed.

Miller and Getty are still together. However, given reports that Sienna's searching for a film for them to co-star in, their union mightn't last too much longer. Honestly, there's no greater poison one can pour on a showbiz relationship than starring in a film together. Although she could speed up the process and insist on matching tattoos of each other's names.