All The "Alleged" Cheaters...

2008 saw rumours of Duncan Bannintine cheating on his wife and, more recently, Gordon Ramsay playing away from home. Ronnie Wood dumped his wife of 23 years, Jo, for a then 19-year-old Russain cocktail waitress. Ekaterina is now 20 and is still with her Sugar Daddy. And it wasn't just the men "allegedly" playing away either; we had tales of Madonna doing the A-Rod during the summer.

The report which caused the most impact, however, had to have been Ashley Cole cheating on Cheryl. Lord, if it can happen to someone as stunning as her, it can happen to anyone. The "alleged" incident occurred in a club in December last year, with the hairdresser coming forth with the story in January. Here's what I spewed on January 25th:

"Kiss and tell stories - pinch of salt or no smoke without fire? Either way, they're seedy. Ashley Cole is the latest footballer who's enjoyed a reported spot of infidelity. If you're shallow enough to engage in extramarital affairs, at least pick someone who possesses the illusion of class. Some gobby young wan you got yer mates to pick up in a club generally isn't the way to go. If discretion is required, it might be an idea to engage in some light conversation with the person in question (before summonsing them back to yours) by way of a gauge. ESPECIALLY if you're married to Cheryl Tweedy - she'd tear the head off you. The following excerpts come courtesy of today's Sun. Please forgive my incessant brackety bits and it's not advisable to read while eating. 22-year-old, mother of one, Aimee Walton said of her meeting Cole in a club on December 8th: "Ashley was already drunk and couldn't keep his eyes off me, but he wouldn't come and chat... I knew who he was but have never been that impressed with footballers (why entertain him, then?) - we were just enjoying the free drinks (aaah). But at the end of the night one of Ashley's mates just came up to me and said, 'Ashley wants you to go home with him' (mature). I remember thinking I was going home with a married man and that his wife was one of the most famous singers in the country (subtle). I asked him if he would get in trouble with Cheryl and he just said, absurdly, 'She knows what I do. I just can't get found out'. I was really shocked by that - it showed he couldn't care less about breaking his marriage vows (oh yeah, THAT was the turning point). He just kept saying to me, 'Please don't tell anyone, I'll get in so much trouble' (so she just told The Sun). Then he started apologising for what he was about to do (always a turn on)... During the ride (back to someone's gaff in her friend's car, not the actual ride) he was slurring his words and was a right mess. Then he just threw up everywhere. My friend was going mad but he just smiled and said to me, 'She should be privileged Ashley Cole was sick in her car.' I remember being really disturbed by how violently ill he was (and yet she still slept with him)… I was a bit drunk and knew he was married and felt bad because I knew what was going to happen (and yet she still slept with him)... We started having sex but it wasn't long before he said he felt sick again. Then he just rolled over and vomited on the floor, all over the cream carpet. It was disgusting (and yet she still continued). We started having sex again but his mates piled into the room (mature). After they left we finally managed to get going again and tried several positions... He's wild - really rude in bed. He knew exactly what he was doing and was pretty good, despite not being very big. But it was a big mistake and I regret it. I feel so sorry for Cheryl. I'd drunk too much and went along with what he wanted. Now I feel really guilty. She should know what he's really like (through a national tabloid)." So everyone's a winner here - Aimee's made her family and no doubt, in years to come, her 18-month-old very proud, earning a bit of extra money. Ashley gets to join the ranks of his footballing peers and Cheryl gets to find out what her husband is "really like" via Aimee's very thorough dissection of events. In fact, the only detail omitted was the use of protection."

As it turned out, there was no protection used. The Sun reported that a friend of Ashley contacted Aimee to see if she needed funding for an abortion. Another girl also came forward saying she was offered money to keep quiet about a night with Cole.

Cheryl and Ashley are back together and stronger than ever by all accounts (fair play to her, I wouldn't be able to touch off him ever again…). Her career has also come on leaps and bounds with her winning this year's X Factor with her act Alexandra Burke