Britney's Breakdown.

Her mother, Lynne Spears, recently likened it to a teenager acting out, pushing the boundaries. If this is the case, Britney's breakdown started a number of years ago, when she decided to marry Jason Alexander in Vegas. She then divorced, met K-Fed, abandoned her tour, had two kids, broke up with K-Fed, shaved her head in February 2007, and replaced Larry Rudolph with Sam Lufti.

Her "acting out" episode came to a head on January 4th of this year, when she barricaded her and her children into her LA home, while under the influence of an "unknown substance". She was then strapped to a gurney and sectioned. The photos of her being wheeled from her home really said something about the 'American Dream'.

January 7th saw the following report regarding the contents of her medicine cupboard: "One source told Life and Style magazine; 'Her blood test just came back, and, thank God, it was clean. There are no traces of drugs or alcohol of any kind.' Thank God, she's entirely bats. Nothing at all to make her go kooky there, nope, totally clean, not a trace of anything, even sanity. Alternative (and entirely more plausible) sources however claim she had the following lurking in her system: 20 Clenbuterol diet pills, 18 herbal speed tablets, 18 Piriton anti-histamine tablets, 12 Vicodin painkillers, 10 sleeping pills, eight antacid reflux tablets, one bottle of Pepto-Bismol, two bottles of NyQuil, two bottles of OxyContin painkiller, and took a further 10 anti-hangover drugs and six Ritalin tablets which are usually used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder. OK, so there wasn't a trace of anything illegal in there, but there was some alcohol after she allegedly consumed a 'Purple Monster' cocktail - a mixture of vodka, anti-flu syrup and an unspecified energy drink. Do not try that at home, kids."

It took years for Britney to thoroughly crack, but it only took a matter of months for her to be wheeled back out onstage. Britney's Circus tour commences on March 3rd next year.