Not going to say much about this as it's still all too fresh in our minds... It was a stupid thing to do but it was TOALLY blown out of all proportion by the media. The story broke at a time when the economy was scaring us, we felt we had no control over anything, so the general public latched on to something "outrageous" and throttled it to death with their opinions.

No one involved has faired too badly, though - Russell's off in America, becoming best mates with half of Hollywood and reportedly getting his own Comedy Central show. Jonathan Ross, according to his TWITTER, is having a great time being suspended (watching Sex and The City boxsets apparently. Shoddy season 6, no less). Andrew Sachs' granddaughter is now directing pornos instead of just starring in them (she's also rumoured to be in Celeb BB staring on January 2nd *shudders*). AND Andrew Sachs himself has reportedly landed a role in Corrie playing Norris's mate.