As beautiful and bountiful as beard can be, there's truly nothing worse than a bad one. There's so many to choose from - half-arsed attempts, men who should NOT have beards, those who use them as a means of being "cool" - all of them are just awful and should be avoided at all costs. Behold, the five worst beards known to mankind.



When he's not off rereleasing Star Wars for the 1,535th time or digitally adding unnecessary characters to the background of your favourite film, George Lucas rocks a pretty disgusting looking beard. He's had that thing FOR YEARS. Why? What's he hiding underneath that beard? Is it more Star Wars prequels that ruined the original trilogy? Because if that's the case, he can keep that thing. Also, look at him when he was younger. He was a total hipster. He probably enjoyed craft beer and listened to Todd Terje and Com Truise on repeat for hours. A-hole.




There are lot of reasons to dislike, or even outright hate Shia LaBeouf. His pretentiousness? His supposed "performance art"? His plagiarism? It could even be his films and how they've all been pretty shit. Did you see Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps? He was terrible in that. But, what makes us truly dislike Shia LaBeouf is that he ruins beards for the rest of us. Just look at him. He looks like a second-year NCAD student who hasn't washed since Bertie Ahern was in power. Sort it out, you tosser.



Maroon 5 were great back in the heady days of 2003. Songs For Jane rocked our world back when we were graduating from Secondary School and going off to be proper adults and stuff. What's he been doing since, you ask? He's sporting this fuck-awful beard. It's awful. Look at it. It's like his stylist - because he's the kind of douchebag that would HAVE a stylist - handed him a copy of Vice and said, "All the cool people are now rocking beards, you need one." He's had stubble for, like, ages and now it's all about his beards. He makes us want to shave off our beards and become baby-faced forever more. And those tattoos? Really? Did you all of a sudden become a 1960's ex-con who's trying to go straight? You're ruining everything, Adam Levine.



No. No. NO. Ginger beards? No. Stop that right now, James McAvoy. You stop. You're supposed to be baby-faced and clear-skinned, like that time in Shameless. Whatever this is is just wrong. So wrong. You need to shave it like right now because it's a terrible look and everyone's afraid to tell you so.




Robin Williams is quite possibly the hairiest actor working today. We're certain he's half-man, half-wolf. Look at his hands, for Jaysus sake. But, he's been known to grow a beard. A powerful, all-encompassing beard that makes him look like a homeless. This is a common problem for men who grow beards. If you can grow one as epic as Robin Williams', there's a real danger you can end up looking like a homeless. This is why grooming is so important. Instead, Williams decided some time in the last couple of years that face-grooming wasn't his bag and now he looks like this. That's not a random homeless person. That's Academy Award-winning comedian Robin Williams. Who probably needs change for a hostel.