We love the bants here in entertainment towers - especially when it comes to the comments we receive on site. And now you can login with your Facebook details. Handy eh? 

Here is the top 5 from last week.

Sinead O'Connor pulls out of Marlay Park concert

Sinead O'Connor (Sinead) said:
"I wasn't being paid for the show as was a favor and fun just for me and Don so in the event of my non appearance no one was liable. though it was naughty of mcd to bill it as if I might have been playing gig in own right.. i was always only guesting with Don for free on 3 songs... so no liability would have befallen on myself for mcd not having been clear when using my name to promote the show" http://e1.ie/ogz

Duchess Catherine gives cooking lessons to Harry

cyview (Alan) said
"And when the you hear the bell ,open the microwave." http://e1.ie/oh0

Ryan Gosling: "Women love me because I listen more than other guys do."

Linz (Lindsey) said:
"I suddenly have the urge to go home and watch the notebook after work now...... Screw you Eva Mendes for stealing my perfect man!" http://e1.ie/oh1

Katherine Jenkins hurt over David Beckham rumour

cyview (Alan) said:
"I can understand her hurt...My Julia Roberts dream had a similar effect on me...."  http://e1.ie/oh3

Kate Moss cleans up her act

cyview (Alan) said: 
"She just loves cleaning that girl...loves it."  http://e1.ie/oh4

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