It's tricky covering celebrity gossip when you're planning to be nowhere near an Internet connection for at least a week, especially if you've not finely honed your third eye's psychic abilities. Hence why recaps and countdowns are so popular around this time of year. Over the next few days, through the power of predating posts, I'll be bringing you my top ten showbiz stories of 2008.

Many stories were more high profile than the ones I've chosen, like Naomi Campbell going apesh*t in Heathrow's Terminal 5 in April, for example. A slew of celebrity babies were born and earning millions straight out of the womb, not to mention the various reality TV show shockers, including John Sergeant leaving Strictly Come Dancing and the various voting "scandals". And who could forget Lily Allen being carried out of the Glamour Awards... But none of these tales will be featured. Instead we're going to look at some Irish related ditties, stories which shocked us to the core, and a load of old b*ll*cks which got WAY too much coverage.

So, without further perambulations around the topics; the story holding the number 10 slot is Will Ferrell Comes To Ireland To Find His Roots. The actor did a whistle stop tour of our island back in January, with his father and brother. Despite visiting Cork and Derry, Will appeared to enjoy his time in Longford most, and was spotted out drinking with the locals. One Patrick Conboy said: "Half the town were in the pub trying to get his autograph and trying to take photographs with him... he took it in good heart... he was pretty forthcoming with signing autographs and getting his photo taken with people..."

But what wasn't reported was that Will and his brother headed off to a house party afterwards and his sibling ended up wearing the face off some young wan. There were pictures of the union on Bebo... It wasn't just Will looking for his roots.

Ferrell didn't just go boozing, he also managed to pick up the James Joyce Award which was presented to him by UCD's Literary and Historical Society. Joyce would be so proud...