We know that TV and films aren't exactly realistic. So when you're watching something like science-fiction or fantasy, you're fully aware of the fact that it's not real. So the same should apply to how characters act and interact with each other, right? For example, when you strip back the layers in Game of Thrones, it's a drama about countries and families being torn apart by war. The constant barrage of dragons, naked women and decapitations are really just window-dressing. At the other end of the spectrum is Mad Men, which is firmly set in the real world, albeit 1960's America. Mad Men has been running for six years now and the cast's acting has been nothing short of spectacular. It's given the world John Slattery's character Roger Sterling, everybody's favourite white-haired, quick-witted womaniser. And it's also given us Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm.

Now. Let's take a look at Don Draper. He's tall. Kind of weird-looking, I guess. But, y'know, he owns that thousand-yard stare and he has a quality some women like, we guess. He works in advertising in the 60's. He's loaded. He's got a kick-ass apartment in New York. And yet, he walks around like someone has pissed in his Corn Flakes. That, of course, is the central thrust of Mad Men - that having it all doesn't mean happiness. And sure, Draper's backed this sentiment up with those really baffling monologues he delivers when presenting ads about shaving cream and butter. So what's our problem with him, you ask?

Simple. He's full of shit. There is just no way a character like him could possibly exist in the real world or any fictional world you can think of. If you ever go back and actually listen, really LISTEN to what he says throughout the series, he comes off like a dumbass. He's just talking in circles whenever he gives these big, inspiring speeches about "what America wants". Jesus, Draper - we could all do that. There's just no way anybody, anywhere would put up with his crap, no matter how ruggedly handsome he is. But what's worse is his various relationships with women. Now, we're not saying that he hasn't scored some hotties. Because he has. But the manner in which he deals with them, from flat-out ignoring them to harassing them repeatedly, just doesn't make sense. Either Draper's the type of guy that treats women like shit and gets away with - which, frankly, doesn't happen in real life - or he's some sort of weird sex-pest and has found a magical way to get women to buy into his schtick. Either way, he's full of shit.

It's not that Jon Hamm is portraying him unrealistically. It's that what he DOES is so unrealistic. There's just no way somebody who carries on like that could possibly have the successful life he appears to be having and still manage to maintain - on the surface, at least - a stable relationship / marriage. Call it justice, karma - whatever. That shit catches up with you. And with Mad Men reaching the end of its sixth season and going into its seventh and final season, the other shoe is still waiting to drop. Don Draper can't keep getting away with this shit.

So, for this reason - that he's full of shit and completely unrealistic - Don Draper is ManCave's Tool of the Week. Congratulations on being a shitbag, Mr. Draper. Here's a video of you saying "What".

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