Quelle surprise... Eva Longoria's toyboy hubby has reportedly had a two month affair with a French model. Alexandra Paressant claims she swapped numbers with Parker at his wedding (nice) and then "met up with him at the Park Hyatt hotel in Paris after exchanging sexually explicit text messages." She divulged the following to X17: "We had room service (... ok). He said that Eva, sexually speaking, does not want to do certain things. She does not want to make love in front of a mirror, does not like certain positions and thinks that sperm gives acne... I don't think she knew about it (the alleged affair). She seems quite jealous." So Eva, it's clearly all your fault he's playing away. In your defence, however; I certainly wouldn't enjoy being trapped under a NBA basketball player moving at high speed (if I were 4ft tall). As for the rest - mirrors sometimes are a smidgen too truthful and only porn stars "like" being surprised. In fairness the "acne" excuse is genius. I recall someone saying it actually helps in that department. He's a politician now.