I know, I know. This isn't quite a gossip story as such but, I wouldn't want you switching over to ITV/TV3 at 9pm only to find there's no Corrie again this evening. I have your best interests at heart here *smiles* so, now that you have been warned, there is plenty of time to find something else to do for that half an hour.

Due to yesterday's tragic and horrific events in Cumbria, bosses at ITV decided to cancel last night's episode of Coronation Street as Tony 'the eye' Gordon was going to shoot one of his hostages. This week long siege of the knicker factory will see two members of the cast lose their lives in the explosive end to a storyline that's been going on for what seems like a billion years. It took four weeks to film and cost Granada a massive fortune to make.

We just got word from a spokesperson from ITV that they are now cancelling this evening's episode and will replace it with Harry Hill's TV Burp (I wish You've Been Framed was still around, *dabs eyes*).This in turn will affect TV3 tonight at 9pm and also tomorrow at 4pm (which would have been the repeat of this evening's show) and there is no word what they will be showing instead. ITV2 is also affected tonight at 2.20am, Emmerdale and Teleshopping have shifted back 30 minutes and, tomorrow at 06.00am and 12.00pm, Nanny 911 has replaced Coronation Street.

For all you dedicated Corrie fans, we will keep you updated about tomorrow's episode. In other soap news, if you are an Eastenders follower (you should know better) you are probably almost at the end of you tether wondering what Lucas is about to do next. Well, again, due to recent events, the writers at Eastenders may change that storyline completely, which would lead us to believe he was about to commit another evil act. But we shall keep you posted so everyone....remain calm *opens arms for comfort hugs*

-Alicia Coyle