Tom Cruise has gone from jumping on couches in a bid to convey his love for Katie Holmes to describing her as "a great artist and a great woman" (she must've taken up art to fill her free moments) and following that sentiment with, "I feel so lucky. She is a very strong and gracious woman. And Katie is very funny - a really great comedian (please go see my wife's first film in 3 years, Mad Money, she's really very funny and inoffensive comedies are the only scripts I'll approve of). My married life is all very good, all very lovely." Hmmmm, bouncing on couches… to "good" and "all very lovely"... forgive me but that sounds like he's complimenting her latest flower arrangment. But back to the matter at hand - the parenting duties; "We share our parenting duties, just like everybody else does. You just work it out - you have to make it work. We have gotten pretty good at organising everything. And I don't need much sleep anyway!" CAUSE I'M A BABY MAKING MACHINE - HUUUNNNGGGHHH!!!! *strikes muscle pose # 4*