Tom Hardy is not looking forward to spending tomorrow at his fiancee's father's house.

While the Lawless actor has a good relationship with actress Charlotte Riley's dad, he admitted he isn't excited about Christmas dinner because they are planning a pig roast which he doesn't approve of.

Tom told the Sunday Mirror: "I'm doing a massive pig roast at my girlfriend's dad's house. I wouldn't say it was a massive success last year because it's never good to hear a pig got killed, is it. I can't celebrate that as it's not cool. It's wrong, right? It's like eating your dog if you think about it and I can't eat my dog. So I'm not sure if I can eat the pig." He didn't mention of turkey's being killed were OK in his book.

Tom previously admitted it is tough to find the time to see Charlotte, because of his filming commitments.

He explained: "I like to go no longer than three weeks without seeing my loved ones but it does take some juggling. My fiancee is an actress, too, so quite often she goes to the other side of the globe while I go to the other."