One of the MMA fighters who has trained with Conor McGregor's striking coach, Owen Roddy, is to make a run at the boxing world.

Liverpool born, half Irish fighter Jack McGann has a formidable record in Mixed Martial Arts, and has"knockout power in both hands" according to Roddy.

McGann said in a release, “I’m used to sparring world-class boxers, I’ve been doing that weekly for years, so it always intrigued me, switching codes. But McGregor really opened the door in terms of the potential for fighters to switch codes. I have been fighting in Russia for a couple of years against there top level guys, I am used to testing myself at the most extreme levels."

The fighter has the support of the Hollywood elite, with Oscar-nominated actor Tom Hardy in his corner, regularly making videos to support his friend.

Hardy said, "It's great news to see Jack switch from MMA to pro-boxing. I'm excited for him as a friend and also to see him come out of his corner"

Boxnation is looking to get a fight arranged in the first quarter of 2018.