The star was watching the ceremony take place before going over to pose for pictures with the glowing brides.

He might not have been on the guest list, but that didn't stop Tom Hanks from surprising a wedding party in Santa Monica, California this week; if any Hollywood A-lister was to crash our wedding, we'd hope it would be this loveable icon.

The 'Cast Away' and 'Forrest Gump' actor was watching Diciembre and Tashia Farries tie the knot from afar on Santa Monica Pier in California when he decided to approach the happy couple.

Surprising them and their snap-happy wedding guests, the 65-year-old posed for pictures with the newlyweds and their one-year-old son in what is possibly the most casually-dressed look he could have possibly been wearing; which makes the pictures all the more enjoyable and heartwarming to see.

Speaking with Fox LA, the married couple said their guests were saying, "There's Tom Hanks!", much to their disbelief. In the video, which you can see here, once Hanks realised it was a same-sex marriage he had crashed, he said: "Oh get out! My stock just exploded."

The couple added: "He said, 'I saw the ceremony from back there and it had to be one of the most beautiful ceremonies that I’ve ever seen'.

"Our wedding was already a dream to me. To finally marry her — this was our day. And everybody we love was there, and… Tom Hanks just walks up! Out of all days, out of all people, he walked on the beach today. It was meant [to be]. 

"For us to be two women — yes it’s 2021, but it’s just unfortunately not accepted everywhere yet. But it’s like he didn’t even see that."

He might not be crashing your wedding anytime soon (but who knows?), but you can next catch Tom Hanks in his upcoming Apple TV+ feature film, 'Finch'. Releasing on November 5, the film is set on post-apocalyptic earth and sees the actor be joined by a robot and his pet dog. Oh, we just know this is going to be a tear-jerker.