Whatever surprises you had planned for Valentine's Day, we're sorry to report that they're probably going to be eclipsed by this.

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black announced today on social media that they are expecting their first child. The couple, who got married last year, each shared a photo of themselves holding a photograph of a sonogram and wished their followers a happy Valentine's Day.

 A spokesman for the couple confirmed the news, saying: "Tom and Dustin are thrilled to share that they are expecting their first child in 2018."

No other information was supplied, so we'll just have to assume they're having the baby via surrogate.

Daley previously said he wants an "army of kids", telling the Mirror:

"We’re not planning to have children immediately, but we do want them in the future. I’ve always been a ­family person so I’ve always wanted kids, and I know Lance does, too. I don’t know how many – an army of kids, a whole diving team. We’re both lucky to have supportive families and we want to share that with our own children."