This we buy... Mainly because we enjoy the prospect of Orlando Bloom and Tom Cruise engaging in fisticuffs in an Ibiza nightclub. Failing that, we also buy it because Tom's clearly got a thing for Australians.

The Edge of Tomorrow star is said to have been smitten with the Australian model after meeting her at a social event just a month after she announced her split from her husband Orlando Bloom - with whom she has three-year-old son Flynn.

An insider told Australia's New Idea magazine: "Since last November, when they were introduced at a private dinner in London, Tom hasn't been able to get Miranda out of his mind!'

The 52-year-old actor has been single since his marriage to Katie Holmes broke down in 2012 but is now said to be dating Miranda, who was previously rumoured to have been dating her close friend James Packer.

The source continued: "With James out of the way, Tom and Miranda have exchanged several phone calls and have even met up in secret every time she's flown into London. He's smitten! She's even more gorgeous than Katie and has that sexy Aussie accent that made him fall in love with Nicole [Kidman]." Nothing of Miranda's reminds Tom of wife number 1, Mimi Rodgers.

Meanwhile, Miranda is said to be just as taken with Tom. A friend of the supermodel had this insight to offer: "Miranda loves rich men, powerful men and Tom ticks all those boxes."

Apparently so did Justin Bieber.

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