I know, and after they starred in Collateral together and everything. And by everything I mean how Tom championed Jamie throughout Hollywood and what not.

According to Celebitchy.com, rumours of Katie hooking up furiously with with the Foxx have been reverberating for months, which has resulted in Tom allegedly having a hissier of "berzerk" proportions.

The very reputable National Enquirer reports: "Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx have been good friends ever since teaming up in the 2004 big screen thriller Collateral - but now a woman has come between them. And it isn’t just any gal - it’s Tom’s ex-wife Katie Holmes! (thanks, we're up to speed re that part). The ENQUIRER previously broke the news that Oscar-winner Jamie has been secretly seeing the Batman Begins beauty, even spending nights at her New York apartment. Although Jamie insisted at the time he wasn’t dating his pal’s ex, published reports have subsequently claimed that they were together during Super Bowl weekend. And Tom is said to be furious about it. 'Tom feels hurt and deceived,' confided a source. Back in our October exclusive, we reported that Katie and Jamie were desperate to keep their relationship under wraps. 'Neither of them wanted this affair out in the open,' said an insider. 'Jamie wanted to keep it quiet because he figured Tom would consider it a betrayal of their friendship'."

No sh*t.