Thanks to Vanilla Sky, Knight and Day, and that appearance on Top Gear, Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise are well aware of each others, how should we say, techniques? Well now they're considering doing each other (I'm in romantic form today) for realz.

The Herald Sun are just one of the papers putting the thought out there: "'Tom and Cameron get on really well. Tom thinks Cameron is beautiful, intelligent and a lot of fun. He’d love for them to be more than friends,' an insider claimed to the British edition of Grazia. 'Tom's felt so low since his divorce and Cameron's company has really cheered him up."

Seemingly they were enjoying each other's company at Cameron's recent 40th birthday soiree in London's Coworth Park Hotel. A 'witness' who was made available to speak to reporters said: "A beautiful setting, fabulous food, a happy occasion, the perfect sparks to ignite the flames of a new romance ... I could see them hooking up, absolutely… They've always gotten along really well; they're totally tight. Cameron says Tom is an awesome guy."

Yep, there's nothing like being single (A-Rod dumped her last year for being too damn accommodating) on your 40th birthday to make you consider dating a cult leader.

Of course one of Tom's reps has been on hand to defiantly refute the claims, saying: "he and Cameron are friends only."

Until the brainwashing commences, that is.