As if we didn’t have a big enough soft spot for the Patriot’s QB, Tom Brady has given his MVP truck to teammate Malcolm Butler.

Brady won the truck, a brand new Chevrolet Colarado, by being crowned the most valuable player in the Superbowl victory over the Seattle Seahawks, but has decided to continue his run of “World’s Greatest Man” by giving it to Butler, the man who won the game for his side with a last minute interception.

The truck is valued at $35,000, which isn’t a bad prize for a guy who was a free agent only a few months ago. One snag though, with this salary set to go up to just over $500,000 if he makes the team next year, putting him in the top tax bracket, so he’ll have to pay $15,000 tax on the “gift”.

Damn government, always ruining the celebrations of super rich athletes.