Well... *presses fingers together* isn't this a quandary. I don't feel for both of them in equal quantities.

OK, upon being dumped by you, Katie Price legs it to the Maldives with two of your children, leaving you with the "severely handicapped" child she fathered with another man. What do you do?

A: Look after the child as if he were your own, like you have done ever since you met him?
B: Leave the child in the hands of a special carer and Katie's mother while you enjoy a holiday with your brothers in Cyprus?

Katie clearly thinks Peter should've stayed with Harvey, after being overheard saying: "Can you believe Pete's f***** off, leaving Harvey home alone? He's just packed up his s*** and gone - he's acting like a complete kn*b. How dare he? If this is how it's going to be from now on then so be it."

Another source, meanwhile, said: "All hell has broken loose. Family means everything to Pete and so the fact his two natural kids are with Kate on the other side of the world is a killer blow... He's saddened by her choice of destination as it holds so many memories of happier days. If she's gone off to have a good time, then so will he. He's gone to stay with his brothers in Cyprus and is going to be living it up. Obviously he couldn't take Harvey out of his special needs school, so he left him with his carer and Kate's mum."

This leaves a burning question...