Peter doesn't feature today; he's busy keeping a dignified silence in Cyprus (probably 'cause he's got his yapper busy with all the pizza he's reportedly scarfing).

It would appear Katie's either genuinely missing Harvey and/or starting to fear the public's perception of her scarpering off on holidays without him. She's sent a friend to spill the following to the press: "When the news came out Peter had called time on the marriage she just needed to get away. She so wanted to take Harvey with her but knew for medical reasons it was impossible. Harvey needs specialist care and she knew where she was going couldn't provide it. So with much heartache she left him in the UK. Katie is really lost without Harvey. She has spoken to him on the phone repeatedly and assured him she will be home soon. She is extremely upset and in tears about being so far away from Harvey and it was a decision she didn't take lightly... She is furious he has been left home alone and thought Peter would be there all the time for him."

Let's repeat the sentences "she just needed to get away" and "Harvey needs specialist care and she knew where she was going couldn't provide it." If you just needed to get away, would you be that fussed regarding the destination? In which case, could she not have gone somewhere they could've provided the necessary care? Did she have to go all the way to the Maldives... where she and Pete honeymooned? So many burning questions *scratches* 

Katie's also taken to Twittering about how much she misses Harvey: "missing harvey soo much wish he was here but had 2 stay at home for his routine an health an did not want to disrupt that." Whatever makes you feel better about the situation, love. Whateeeeeeever makes you feel better. And Harvey must be in really good hands, otherwise you'd have boarded the first plane home after hearing Pete headed off to Cyprus, am I right?!

In other predictable happenings - "Katie & Peter: Stateside pulled in its highest ever audience last night, according to early ratings figures. The latest episode - the first to be screened since the couple announced their split on Monday - attracted 1.33m (6.5%) for ITV2 at 9pm, with a further 282k (1.8%) tuning in on timeshift."