It's an extremely slow news day today folks so we are forced to report on Cheryl and Derek.... again. I'll be honest, I really like the Geordie lass but, if I'm made read about her everyday, this will change. *sighs* How and ever, now it's reported that herself and Derek Hough are to go on a sailing trip while the World Cup is on. It could be because the thought of looking at Ashley's mug everyday on the telly turns her stomach or, because her new possible boyf has booked the trip on the seas as part of her birthday present.

According to this mornings tabloid mush, the parachute singer will be spending time in America working on her second solo album before the X Factor starts all over again. While stateside, Derek will whisk Cheryl off to the romantic destination of Catalina, an island off the coast of LA. According to a source, he got the idea when Cheryl declared that she had never experienced sailing before; "Cheryl had mentioned to Derek in passing recently that she likes the idea of sailing. She said she'd never been on a proper sailing holiday, so Derek decided to organise one for her." The source added: "Obviously Cheryl's feet haven't touched the ground much recently. She's been all over Europe on tour and is looking for a break. She's really excited about going sailing with Derek"

-Alicia Coyle