We don't know who Cate Blanchett is giving the side-eye to, but it's probably someone who told her she looked like she made a dress out of holiday snaps and then threw some thumbtacks on it. Also at the ELLE Magazine Women in Hollywood Celebration, was a very emerald Kristen Wiig, a very pink Emma Stone, a very racy Lea Michele and a very Kung Fu masterly Susan Sarandon.

The X Factor crew leaving the studio Sunday night and arriving at their hotel. We think we've said enough on this already, in particular regarding Rebecca Ferguson.

Swoon away over Chris O'Dowd at the London premiere of The Sapphires, before he hits the Dublin premiere tonight. He does scrub up well.

And things got very loud at The Elton John AIDS Foundation's 11th Annual 'An Enduring Vision' Benefit. Between capes and Alan Cumming wearing his heritage quite literally, we're sure it was a very tame event.