The London premiere of Argo, which very well might turn you from an Affleck hater to a lover, as he is looking well. Also in attendance was Bryan Cranston, who'll be in town tomorrow night for our very own premiere. We're very excited to see Heisenberg in the flesh.

Jedward defied the odds and made it to their 21st birthday without being murdered by crazed tween fans, which must be something close to a miracle. The terribly twosome celebrated at 37 Dawson St in matching ensembles (of course) but with rather tame hair. Have the Grimes boys finally outgrown their bleached highrise locks?

Georgia Salpa is back in town, doing what she does best: standing around and looking pretty. You're welcome boys.

Continuing our lovefest over Chris O'Dowd, here's some shots of him out and about in Dublin filming Calvary , with Brendan Glesson and Aidan Gillen. A big 'ole Irish love-in so it is.

And to mark National Ass Day, we gathered some of our favourite posteriors in one handy convenient gallery for you.