There was a royal wedding in Luxembourg that was probably the most stereotypical European attempt at a fairytale wedding ever. Princely garb? Check. Massive train? Check. Diamonds? Check, check, check. Nice to know where all the money in Europe is.

Bryan Cranston was in town, as you may have heard. Now he was lovely and all, but the best thing about the premiere has to be Michelle O'Doherty's plus one. Howiya Fergus.

Bono and David McWilliams were papped leaving the Cellar Bar at The Merrion, where one can only presume Bono was getting advice on how to save the world with all his funds. We hope you directed some of that cash flow back into the country now David. Also, Bono's a fan of abbreviations and abstract squiggles apparently.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills brought their plasticine features to the Roosevelt Hotel for the premiere of Season 3. Still can't believe Fraiser was married to this.

And Dionne Warwick proved she is the Honey Badger of red carpets, turning up to the Q Awards in a baseball cap, fur jacket sweats and a bum bag. While everyone else, including the Origababes (or Mutya, Keisha, Siobhan as they like to be called) and Kylie, was glammed up, D and Bobby Womack clearly just rolled up for the goodie bags. Respect guys, respect.