The whole country is truly saddened today to hear about the death of broadcasting legend Tony Fenton, who passed away this morning at age 53 following an ongoing battle with cancer.

After eighteen years with 2fm, Tony moved to Today FM back in 2004, where that distinctive voice of his could be heard every weekday from 2.30-4.30pm. Fenton had even said as recently as January that he was looking forward to returning to the station soon.

The one o'clock news on Today FM devoted their fifteen minute show to paying tribute to their colleague and friend, with interviews with Ian Dempsey, Mario Rosenstock and CEO Peter McPartlin.

Ian Dempsey, who had worked with Tony since their pirate radio days together, expressed his complete shock at the news; "I just can’t believe it, we all knew he was sick for quite a while but we never expected this. We’re all in shock,” he said. Describing Tony as a 'fantastic friend' whose 'positivity was unbelievable, right up to the very end.'

While Mario Rosenstock added; "Nobody I have ever met knew how to live life like Tony Fenton, he really did live life like the Carlsberg ad'. Describing him as 'mischievous and warm. He was a complete gentleman in the old fashioned sense."

Going on to say; "Tony didn't have a wife or kids, but he was surrounded by more love than you can imagine.

"The whole station outside has just fell silent, everybody loved him."

While CEO Peter McPartlin added; "He was absolutely a light to Today FM. He was always one of those people who looked on the up side. He lived for radio, he lived for Today FM."

Ian Dempsey was given the final word saying; "I think his legacy will be his positivity. The guy you got on the radio, the larger than life guy, that was Tony.

"That's why we are so shocked about this, everything always worked out for Tony, we assumed this would too."

At time of writing, Today FM have been playing music consistently with no DJ. Our thoughts are with them all, and indeed all of Tony's friends and family.