Today is July 4th, one of the biggest holidays on the calendar in the United States. 

While there are plenty of reasons to criticise the US on a political and social front, today is not the day for that. Instead, today, we will look with great fondness upon the most American things that the world has ever produced and that have found their way on to the internet, because 'MURICA.

Ron Swanson and the star spangled banner.

Über-patriot. Moustache. America. 

The National anthem

Ever wonder where Cuba Gooding Jr. gets his extremely excitable and over the top personality traits? Here's his dad singing the national anthem at a basketball game in a...unique style, that may go some way to explaining it.

The National theme song

However great the National anthem is (you'll be singing it all day after that earlier rendition), the national theme song comes courtesy of the folks behind Team America and South Park; 'America, F**K YEAH'.

American fine dinin'

America has some of the finest restaurants in the world as well as some of the best chefs, experimenting and creating haute cuisine in the great metropolis cities such as New York and Los Angeles, but we're not here to talk about that. We're here to talk about how they take food to the next level, making it not just fuel for the body, but a challenge for your physical form to overcome. Think Man V. Food with added freedom fries. 

Hulk Hogan 'I Am A Real American'

If there's one man, nay, one titan of patriotism, that did more to fight the scourge of communism that very nearly swept America, then it was Hulk Hogan. How did he fight it? Well, in a very literal sense, for example by headbutting the flag of the USSR, but this theme song also sums up his goals and hopes in that epic battle.

Presidents astride animals with guns

An artist who goes by the pseudonym SharpWriter imagines the most American scenes one can ever even think of, and then renders them flawlessly with these breathtaking images. For example, here's Honest Abe riding a bear with a the declaration of independence and a machine gun. Symbolism, man.

Pic via Sharpwriter on DeviantArt

That speech in Independence Day 

If aliens ever do come to earth to end our civilisation, Bill Pullman is making the speech. There's not even any other option that we'd give any consideration to.

This guy

Pew pew pew.

Knowshon Moreno's tears

There ain't nothing as American as the good ol' NFL, and the emotion shown by its players when the anthem is sung is genuine. Few have shown the type of reaction that Knowshon Moreno has however, and his tears are so huge and patriotic that no human body could have held on to them, as they were shoved to the surface by the spirit of America. We can only presume they were gathered up by a bald eagle, who then drank them and became immortal.

Pic via SB Nation

This pickup truck

Pickup trucks are the American vehicle of choice. This one is the best one. Not just the best pickup, the best vehicle.

Pic via Motortopia

That's us all 'Merica'd out for the day pretty much, we're off to eat hot dogs, burgers, and the most American food of all, nachos, as we wave our miniature American flags to and fro. We leave you with this simple message:

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