Ah bless.

Father’s Day is upon us so it’s time to celebrate the Dads in our lives. And believe it or not, celebrities have Dads too and many of them took to Twitter to wish them well on this special day. Here’s some of our favourites-

Gary Lineker reminding us that not at all Dads could be with us today.

Not really in keeping with the spirit of the day, Gordon.

Dolly Parton decided to keep it simple.

As did Justin Trudeau. (We expected more TBH).

But Dua Lipa went the extra mile. She only went and CREATED HER OWN FESTIVAL with her Dad. Those €2 scratchcards aren’t looking like such a good present now, are they?

Lewis Hamilton is also making us look bad.

Very sweet.

Good vibrations from Brian Wilson.

There was even a Father’s Day message from beyond the grave. Thank you very much.

And one from a Teddy Bear. Technology nowadays.

A big Happy Father’s Day to all our readers!