Hard to keep up, innit? First rumours of the charges being quashed, then those rumours themselves were quashed, and now it looks like they were all true to begin with.

Despite initially reporting that "Bieber also allegedly had a blood alcohol level of .04... and that will definitely come back to bite him in the ass," TMZ now have evidence to the contrary.

"It's the latest hole in the case ... coming on the heels of major issues with Bieber's arrest. As TMZ first reported ... the police report said an officer 'smelled an odor of alcohol' on JB, but his BAC was actually a minute .014. As for the drag racing - that's been blown up by GPS data and video. The only remaining issue is cops say Bieber and Khalil failed field sobriety tests ... which could indicate being under the influence of something other than booze ... such as marijuana or pills. We're still awaiting urinalysis results ... which would show what if any drugs were in their systems."

If this all clocks up, it means Bieber will only be charged with "resisting arrest without violence."

I still maintain the sentiments imparted in the last line of the previous article. Unfortunately there's as much chance of that as there is of several swine taking flight from Shannon airport.