This is just too much for a Monday morning. TOO MUCH. But the story via the Independent is trending on Newswhip, so you lot are interested in the details - there's no point denying it.

The couple, who got engaged in 2009 before calling it a day in 2012, rekindled their romance Christmas last year - and now Gerald has decided to com across with the details regarding what that rekindling involved.

Speaking with the Independent's Life Magazine, he said (you may want to have a spew receptacle to hand): "Within two hours Lisa was in Drayton Manor (that's not a fancy hotel, rather the name of his gaff in Wicklow) with me, and within six hours we were trying for a baby... Even though I am getting on (he's 57), I would have no problem with another child tomorrow (he already has a teenage daughter with former wife Clodagh Hopkins). I would love it. They're great, kids. Kirsten is the greatest thing that ever happened to my life. Lisa would make an incredible mother. I mean, Jaysus, I wouldn't get near the child, I'd say. And, if any woman deserves a child, it is Lisa."

As for when they're getting married, that is still on the cards, but you've plenty of time to buy your hat: "I fully intend to get married, I think the timing of it is important. We had a couple of setbacks and we got over them. It won't be done in a hurry."