We imagine you remember a few weeks ago we brought you the story of Tinder's new feature, 'Super Like'.

Of course you remember, I mean, you read the site religiously every day, right? Well we'll give you a refresher course anyway.

Super Like allows you to swipe up on a profile, instead of the standard left and right, and the other person will know you've liked them, unlike the regular format where you only find out once you've given them your seal of approval.

They've limited the number of super likes you get on any given day, which means you can only be overly forward with someone once per day. You can get more, but you'd have to pay the membership fee then, and as it turns out, true love just isn't worth the money.

It all sounded pretty good, but the only problem was that we couldn't get our hands(thumbs) on it because it was only launched in Australia, well not anymore.

The new feature, which is said to triple your chances of matching, as well as making conversations last 70% longer, is being rolled out worldwide as of today. Go wild, folks.

We've no idea what this video is about, but it looks cool, and isn't that all that really matters? No, no it isn't, but we'll watch it anyway.

Via Tech Crunch