Tinder can be a fickle game altogether without all this drama.

Anyone that has used the dating app knows that you can get dozens of matches, some of whom you may actually even message one day. While you may never actually meet these people, you know they are there. And just for a moment, you liked them and they liked you, and sure isn't that enough to warm the cockles of your heart on those lonely Sunday evenings?

Sure it is.

Until Tinder went and fecked it all up for everyone. Well actually, it was Facebook's fault.

In an attempt to prevent another Analytica-gate, the social media site implemented new measures to regulate the data third-party apps can use and access.

One of those third-party apps is, of course, Tinder, so yesterday many users had trouble logging in for a while and when they did, they realised that they had lost all their matches.

The situation has since been resolved but that didn't stop people from losing their sh*t.